Our Skimming lessons are very similar in approach to our Surfing lessons in that we pride ourselves in delivering a focused, comprehensive approach to learning. Being a certified rescue lifeguard Chris respect's the ocean and the changing environment it brings.

We have plans for beginners

We begin all skimming lessons with a safety module and will practice safety throughout our lessons. We will conduct an assessment of your skimming capability including; knowledge of skimming, prior experience and swimming capability. The first lesson will be a land based instruction set to practice the fundamentals of balance and skimming techniques. Upon acquiring these fundamentals, we'll then move to the water and practice several procedures on "set-up" to gain experience in proper wave timing.

One - on - One Instruction

Once we have the basics the next step is learning to toss the skim board and practice jumping on the skim board. This process can take anywhere from a half hour, to the rest of our lesson. Should you become effective in skimming, we can move into the more advance methods of skimboarding including riding and jumping waves.

You'll be Getting Air In No Time

Epic Sessions will tailor a specific skim class based on your capabilities.

Vacation Never Looked This Fun

Epic Sessions will have you catching air at in time.